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Michele & Mark’s Cecil Green Park Wedding – UBC Campus Vancouver, BC

I had a great time covering this wedding with Cindy Hughes. Michele and Mark amazing wedding at UBC’s Cecil Green Park House. Michelle and Mark met at the University of British Columbia in the Engineering Department. Later they met in Kitimat, BC and decided to tie the knot.

Since Michele’s parent live in Sinapore and Mark’s and with so many friends and family in Vancouver, they decided to have a destination wedding in Vancouver.

To get their destination Vancouver wedding organized from they hired award winning wedding + Event Planning Services Alica and her assistant did an amazing job and I would highly recommend them.

The weather could not have been better. The day before the wedding and the day after it rained. I’ve been very lucky with weather this year and only had one rainy wedding and that was on Dec 27th.

Here is a link to Cecil Green Park weddings site, if you are interested: – Award winning photography that fits your budget.

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Jessey & Kelsie’s Engagement Styled Shoot

Jessy & Kelsie’s asked me if we could do an engagement style shoot for their portfolio. Unfortunately, the one day everyone was available, it was cold and wet. I loved the challenge of working under these conditions. All of these photos were taken in one small location in one hour.

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Camping on the Oregon Coast – 2011

I love Oregon and especially the beaches. This visit was a trip down memory lane for us, because it was five years ago, that Mary and I cycled the Oregon Coast from Seaside to San Francisco.

Cycling the Oregon Coast was an amazing trip! If you have ever tried to get a camping spot on the Oregon Coast, you know that most sites are booked for the summer season a year in advance. However, if you arrive by bicycle or hike, they have sites called “Hiker / Biker” sites that are $10 a night and you are guaranteed a spot.

The Hiker / Biker sites are often the quietest and surrounded by trees and shaded woods, with no hookups or paved parking spots. Plus you get to meet fellow cyclists that are travelling the same route. I don’t recommend the route for your first trip, because there are a lot of hills and in the summer, there are a lot of very wide camper vans travelling that route.

Here are a few photos from Cannon Beach and a few other beaches.


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Outdoor Wedding Tips from a Photographer

I just photographed a wonderful outdoor wedding at the yesterday, and thought I would share some tips for your outdoor wedding.

Some of these tips will seem obvious, but it’s the little things that can make your guests all the more comfortable.

1) Always have some shade for people to sit under. I noticed that towards the end of the afternoon, almost everyone is standing in the shade. Try and have a few tables for your elderly guests in the shade.

2) Let your guests know that how long they can expect to be outside or in the sun, so they can bring hats or put on suntan lotion. I always bring a hat and suntan lotion to every wedding, because I never know how long I will be in the sun.

3) Taking photos on the grass in bright sunlight can causes a slight green in your guests face and your dress. There is a way around this, but your photographer has to make the adjustments on site – contact me for details. If your photographer doesn’t have a plan for this, each photo will have to be edited, which will be time consuming.

4) Have a nice shaded area for portraits. The bright sunlight will cause dark shadows on the face and especially the eyes. If you must be photographed in the bright sun, be sure your photographer has a solution to this issue.

5) Group portraits at outdoor events has special challenges with people squinting, wearing large hats or sunglasses – It took awhile, but I found a solution to this problem.

6) Last but not least, Wedding cake can suffer from the heat of the sun. Be sure to time the cutting of the cutting, so that your cake is not sitting in the sun very long.

If you have any questions or would like some more tips on planning your outdoor wedding, please contact me. – Award winning photography that fits your budget.

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