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The Timber Wolves of Grouse Mountain in the morning mist.

I love photographing the Wolves of Grouse Mountain. Every visit is unique, because of the weather, the mood of the Wolves’ mood are always different. You never know if you are going to get a decent photo, but it’s always nice to see these majestic animals.

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Amber and Alistair’s Kitsilano Wedding, Vancouver

Amber and Alistair met at an Folk Festival and have been inseparable ever since. The first thing you notice when you meet them is how in love they are and their sense of humor. If laughter is an indication of the length of a marriage, then their’s is going to be a very long and happy union! Their friends were constantly keeping us entertained and the smiling.

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Akali Singh Temple Sikh Wedding – Vancouver

I love a wedding that starts off with a Marching Band! Deepak and Tina’s was one long party from start to finish! Great people, great music and of course great food!

Here are a few of my favorites from the day:


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Abby Ray’s Vancouver Actress / Model Headshot

It was a real pleasure working with Abby Ray. She is not only has a stunning classical look, but she is so versatile. As you can see by the photos, she can express herself in many different wa and with

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Eagle Harbour Yacht Club Wedding – West Vancouver

Peri and Matt’s Eagle Harbour wedding was amazing for so many reasons. When I first arrived, it was raining pretty hard and as the guests arrived, people were going into the clubhouse for shelter. The wedding ceremony was to be on the beach and friends of the couple optimistically continued to set up chairs and decorations in the wet sand.

As the ceremony drew closer and the rain let up a little, the guests were told the ceremony was going to be on the beach, so they came back from the clubhouse and waited under umbrellas on the sand.

The string quartet arrived and started playing and drinks were passed around, while we waited for the bride – everyone still hoping the rain would stop.

We watched as the Bride came down the narrow street from where she was getting ready, and as she stepped onto the beach, the clouds suddenly parted and it turned into a bright sunny afternoon and a round of applause erupted! I use manual settings on my camera, so I quickly had to change my camera settings to sunny from cloudy. 🙂

The ceremony was magical and so were the family photos afterwards. Here are a few photos from the day.

PS This was the second time this summer where the rain stopped just before the ceremony of an outdoor wedding.

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