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The beginning – How and why I got started as a wedding photographer

Here’s my first blog posting! Since this is the beginning, I should explain what got me motivated to start. There’s an amazing wedding / lifestyle photographer Jasmine Star Photography Blog, who I consider to be one of the best – she has taught me a lot about photography and about using social media to connect and share with clients. 
Actually I’ve been “blogging” if you can call it that, for years on Flickr. The Flickr site is great for photos, but I found if I wanted to learn more about the photographer, I had to go to their blogs, which is also why I started blogging. 
I plan to post stories and photos of weddings, camping trips, or whatever else is happening in my life.  
Sorry if my writing style is a bit formal. I was a computer geek for many years and am used to documenting errors, not life!
Feedback is always welcome. 🙂

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